Who’s ‘the Man’?

ZuckerbergDo you remember a few years ago everyone was talking about ‘the Man’?  I was never very sure if it should be spelt with a capital ‘M’ but given that ‘the Man’ was meant to represent big business, conglomerates, multi-nationals, governments, secret societies… the whole shebang – I guess it deserved it. Ironically – possibly.

Now, more importantly – do you remember who was talking about ‘the Man’? Perhaps those idealist young pups of Silicon Valley? Or how about those creative types working in Hollywood (two cultural references spring to mind: Jack Black railing against ‘the Man’ in School of Rock; and Flight of the Conchords‘ philosophical discourse: ‘Who’s the Man? Am I a man? Well, technically I am… ‘) ?

Quite easy – and satisfying – I suppose, to take the moral high-ground when you’re starting out or else portraying a fictional underdog. The Man = Evil. We’ve seen it on social media, we’ve seen it in the movies. But what if ‘the Man’ controlled all of that – wouldn’t it be scary? Wouldn’t it – like- totally destroy our utopian dreams of us all communicating and working together without big business getting its clammy Weinstein-like hands all over us? This is the point where I would add a series of CMAO emojis… but that’s a bit corporate, isn’t it?



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