Improve your life in 7 (easyish) steps


‘Happy, darling?’    ‘Yes, before I started my digital detox I read that everyone’s turning vegan.’

This year Blue Monday falls on 21st January. It’s the one day in the year when you have the perfect excuse to be miserable. The experts have calculated that debt + weather + time since the festive season + time until the next holiday = misery. And in the UK we could add the Brexit factor (other countries can add their own political cock-ups!) Instead of wallowing though, how about taking steps to improve your life for good? Here are my top tips for getting your life back on track.

1. Get your nutrition sorted:

Why is everyone talking about veganism and being plant-based? And why are a lot of people being all evangelical about it? It can’t be fake news and it can’t be big business trying to sell their stuff – that’s on the other side of the argument. I will concede there is an element of hype going on but the beautiful thing about going down this road is you never want to turn back. The benefits are that good! Of course you can be an unhealthy vegan – chips, crisps, a lot of mock meat products and various vegan friendly cakes and biscuits do not a healthy diet make. Ditch the lazy convenience, get into the kitchen and rattle those pots and pans! Yes, listening to music or podcasts or even having Netflix on in the background can make it less of a chore – or even a joy! The result? You’ll feel better, look better and you’ll save a lot of money – what’s not to like?

2. Ditch the Social Media:

Or at least limit your use or take a break. Most importantly – keep it in perspective. In the main it’s a virtual world pretending to be real, too full of its own importance with sinister elements thrown in. It’s a world that’s been predicted loads of times in science fiction and it never ends well there…   Yeah, okay –  I have a bit of a cheek telling you this on a blog. And while I do appreciate your visit and everything, I’d encourage you to turn off and discover a world that existed before the online one.

3. Get out in nature:

Any form of exercise is good but being outdoors with the sun – or even the rain – on your face, hearing the birds singing, feeling the crunch of dried twigs and leaves under your feet, looking at a view from the top of a hill are all simple but special pleasures. They must be special – think of all the artists, poets, composers and writers these things have inspired over the years. And you can be part of it – it’s out there and it’s free.

4. Interact with real people:

Just think of all the ‘friends you haven’t met yet’ out there in the real world. So get out and meet them. But – let’s be truthful – there are also a lot of arseholes out there too. Don’t let that put you off though. The advantage of interacting face to face is you can recognise an arsehole or a bully pretty quickly and then decide how to deal with them (being nice is usually a good disarming strategy). In the virtual world the arseholes and the bullies are trickier to deal with. They may seem powerful but – like the Wizard of Oz – pull back the curtain and a sad little person is exposed. How to deal with arseholes and bullies in either world? Be polite, move on, get on with your (real) life.

5. Enjoy your own company:

If you’re finding it difficult to find friends or that ‘special one’ – don’t despair. You’ve always got you – so get to work on you! Read and get knowledge, be creative, get fit, hone your cooking skills. You can do all these things on your own, right now. In the process you’ll become an super interesting prospect for a relationship/friendship. But hey – you’ll be so self sufficient and enjoying your own company so much you won’t care!

6. Know That Nobody’s Perfect:

…Despite the impression all these ‘perfect’ people strive to give on social media. As I’ve said before – it’s not the real world so don’t waste your time engaging with it. You can ponder – briefly – on why so many people do that kind of thing. Over compensation masking a deep insecurity? More than likely. Anyway, you’ll be doing your digital detox and becoming your own idea of perfection so that’s all that matters.

7. Stop Worrying:

Okay – you’ve become this self sufficient, well adjusted super being thanks to following all of the above. BUT – there is still a niggle of doubt, that little dark thought that lurks at the back of your mind. Why is it there? Why do we worry? Most importantly – how to deal with it? Whenever I’m in that place, I remind myself worrying is a ridiculous waste of time – summed up by the classic saying: ‘You die if you worry, you die if you don’t worry, so why worry?’



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