I’m Sonya Nemec and I started my Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo blog well over five years ago. It contains views and reviews of things cultural and political – local and international –  with words of inspiration and encouragement. There are also a number of Edinburgh Festival Fringe show reviews. However it’s pretty much an historical document now as I believe there’s more than enough online opinion and chatter, and I don’t feel I need to add to it.

These days I concentrate on writing novels and short story collections. The novels fall into three categories: the ‘Rachel’ series which focus on the fake news death of the (fictional) wife of the (fictional) Prime Minister of the UK. There’s action, intrigue, international settings and humour with a strong satirical edge. There’s also the stand alone Edinburied which looks at the nine months running up to the Scottish Independence referendum, Again – fictional and with more satirical humour, this time a shade darker. The third category is reserved for Mary Dollar – my Edinburgh sleuth – working-class, in her prime and completely unshockable.

My shorter works include tales of nervy paranoia, Twilight Zone type fantasy (Letter from America) and full-on dystopian futures (Brexit Wounds). You can check them out here:     



I also teach English as a foreign/second language here in Edinburgh; mainly one-to-one but I do some voluntary classroom work as well. I have a blog called Top Hack English where I’ve posted past lessons and Edinburgh-related ESOL material which hopefully will be useful to students and teachers alike.


A few years ago  I embraced my own motto: ‘Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think’ and stopped working for ‘the man’. Not always easy, but – like life – it’s better than the alternative!



4 Responses to About

  1. Hey! Just leaving a comment here bc couldn’t see how to get in touch – very much appreciate the review, and so you know the other American Jewish fellow’s name is Alex Edelman (he’s a friend of mine, we stick together you know). Thanks again!

  2. Daphna Baram says:

    Hi Sonia thank you for all the lovely and supportive feedback I am really enjoying your website x @missdcomedy

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