The Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo

Enjoy yourself – it's later than you think!


I’m Sonya Nemec and my Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo blog contains views and reviews of all things cultural and political – local and international –  with words of inspiration and encouragement posted regularly as well  – so keep visiting, you may just find something you like.

However once a year – like a version of Brigadoon – the blog bursts into life by providing an essential guide to the Edinburgh Free Fringe. To give you a quick summary The Fringe used to be the avant-garde bad boy to the official Edinburgh Festival. The Fringe has now eclipsed the Festival and some say it’s become the official one being a bit predictable and pricing out performers and audiences alike. I agree and in my opinion the Free Fringe captures the true spirit of the original Fringe. So every August I put all other commitments aside and go on a Free Fringe reviewing frenzy. My reviews are honest, independent and don’t use a star rating system. My main concerns are helping FF-goers make an informed choice as well as helping the great shows get the audiences they deserve.

During the rest of the year I work as a creative partner and consultant with Lone Head Records. I specialise in independent publishing and advise on the whole process from artistic creation to promotion. Examples of my own work can be found on Amazon Kindle.

My other job is teaching English as a foreign/second language to residential students here in Edinburgh using the total immersion technique.

My heritage is Scottish/English on my mum’s side and Czech on my dad’s. She was born in Edinburgh, became a dancer and toured with ENSA; he was a mime-artist, contortionist and general clown who came from a long line of Czech Variety artists. They hooked up and toured the world in various shows. They also did their take on The Princess and the Frog – my mum was the beautiful princess and – yes – my dad was the frog, but he also turned into the handsome prince! After they settled down and raised me I took the opposite route of running away to join the circus or the theatre and instead embarked on a series of grey jobs and various paths of study.

However there is a happy beginning (not end) to my story as a few years ago  I embraced my own motto: ‘Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think’ and started working for myself. Not always easy, but – like life – it’s better than the alternative!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey! Just leaving a comment here bc couldn’t see how to get in touch – very much appreciate the review, and so you know the other American Jewish fellow’s name is Alex Edelman (he’s a friend of mine, we stick together you know). Thanks again!

  2. Hi Sonia thank you for all the lovely and supportive feedback I am really enjoying your website x @missdcomedy

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