I’m Sonya Nemec and I started my Girl with the Edinburgh Tattoo blog well over five years ago. It contains views and reviews of things cultural and political – local and international –  with words of inspiration and encouragement. There are also a number of Edinburgh Festival Fringe show reviews. However it’s pretty much an historical document now as I believe there’s more than enough online opinion, reviews and chatter and I don’t feel I need to add to it. Although… in these current times...  If you fancy dropping by for some encouraging words and news of free book downloads – you’re most welcome!


I’ve got a few novels and short story collections out there and I’m always working on the next one. The novels fall into three categories: the ‘Rachel’ series which focus on the fake news death of the (fictional) wife of the (fictional) Prime Minister of the UK. There’s action, intrigue, international settings and humour with a strong satirical edge. There’s also the stand alone Edinburied, set in my home city, which takes a non-partisan look at the nine months running up to the Scottish Independence referendum. The third category is reserved for  my Edinburgh sleuth, Mary Dollar: a kind of Scottish working class Miss Marple who puts her older, ‘invisible’ woman status to a practical use.

My shorter works include tales of nervy paranoia (Pigneto Suicide Club) Twilight Zone type fantasy (Letter from America)* and full-on dystopian futures (Brexit Wounds). You can check them out here:     





Food & Health

I was a committed vegetarian for 35 years and then turned plant-based around three years ago. In that time, I’ve found the health benefits to be pretty amazing!  Why plant-based- and not vegan? Well, I think the word ‘vegan’ is a good shorthand term to describe the way I largely am but it’s also a highly politically charged term. Politically charged can be good but I also think veganism has an image problem as far as the vast majority of (especially ‘ordinary’, older, working class) folk are concerned. I’d love to help change that image but maintaining a foodie website and taking endless photos of what I’m eating is pretty time consuming and – in all honesty – would do my head in! If I have any wonderful recipes or advice though, I’ll stick them on the site.

Also – for all of you who don’t speak, read or write English too good (thanks Derek Zoolander!)

I also teach English as a foreign/second language here in Edinburgh and online; mainly one-to-one but I do some voluntary classroom work as well. I have a blog called Top Hack English where I’ve posted past lessons and Edinburgh-related ESOL material (with Soundcloud recordings and downloadable pdfs) which hopefully students and teachers will find useful. You can contact me via this site or Top Hack English if you want to arrange lessons.


**Get your free download of The Prime Minister’s Wife is Missing 16 – 17th May**


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  1. Hey! Just leaving a comment here bc couldn’t see how to get in touch – very much appreciate the review, and so you know the other American Jewish fellow’s name is Alex Edelman (he’s a friend of mine, we stick together you know). Thanks again!

  2. Daphna Baram says:

    Hi Sonia thank you for all the lovely and supportive feedback I am really enjoying your website x @missdcomedy

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