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Letter from America / World Watch Out

I’ll say one thing about that Donald Trump. He’s going to be good for artistic creation. As you may have read in my last post I had the germ of an idea for a Twilight Zone type story which had elements of Back to the Future and Brigadoon (I admit, a bit of an obsession for me!) Well, here’s the finished article.

Hopefully people will find it humorous and a little chilling but I felt incredibly sad when writing it (and not for the obvious reasons of looking ahead to the next four years!). The whole idea of people having to leave a land they love for whatever reason – to make money, chase a dream or perhaps because their own land isn’t fit to live in anymore. So it is anti – Trump but it’s also an early valentine to immigrants, the LGBT community, all those who stand up to bullies – in the past and in the future… and of course the beautiful Western Isles.

Apologies to The Proclaimers for pinching their title – although they pinched it from Alistair Cooke first! (I’ll square it with them if I bump into Charlie or Craig down in Colinton Woods anytime soon!)

Talking of Scottish music legends. Rev Mulvey from Lone Head Records tempted me out of musical retirement to collaborate on this track. Could be a creative four years – if we survive, that is!



Back to the (No) Future



You have to hand it to The Donald – he has succeeded in uniting the world. The show of solidarity across nations is impressive. Particularly with women. Particularly with people who won’t be taken in by grubby, rabble-rousing politics delivered by a rebooted Mussolini brought back to life as a Simpsons character. Particularly in Scotland – but then we’ve always been united in our disgust for the big bully who Trump-trampled his way over large areas of our bonnie land.

Everybody knows the story regarding the Scottish connection now. The young Scots lass leaving the Western Isles to seek her fortune in the U.S. Which got me thinking – surely a new version of Back to the Future is on the cards? In this one the main character would travel back to make sure sweet and gentle Lachlan from the local croft ends up with the young Mary and not the big American blow-hard visiting businessman*. Get it wrong – history is changed and the world is doomed.

There are lots of other Twilight Zone style twists in the real tale. The grandfather settling in America only because he got kicked out of Germany. For the full – and chilling – story check out Matt Frei‘s excellent documentary on Channel 4.

Back to the real world though so I guess we just have to get on with it. That doesn’t mean sticking your head under the duvet and self-medicating with your drug of choice¬† – however tempting that may be. Get up, stand up and don’t let the big bully win!

*Biff was based on Trump – spooky!




Selling Scotland by the Pound/Euro/Groat…

Salmond 2Let’s forget about the currency debate for a while – well those riding on a wave of nationalistic nirvana don’t seem to think that’s very important after all… Let’s imagine what a country desperately ‘open for business’ would bring. How can we make a few bob when the economy goes down the drain? Here’s the solution – sell off chunks of our country with no thought to the residents. And don’t worry about the government because ‘King’ Alex Salmond will drop his drawers and let an American billionaire do what he’s already been doing metaphorically to the land and the residents up in Aberdeen.

If you want to know the full story go and see Anthony Baxter’s A Dangerous Game which is a brilliant and chilling follow-up to You’ve Been Trumped. Then ask yourself why King Alex wouldn’t be interviewed for the film.


Whose Oil Is It Anyway? We’re Bigger – And Greener – Than That!

ImageI happened upon the Scottish Greens website this morning and read a pro-independence piece by supporter and former BBC reporter Louise Batchelor. I’m completely stumped as to how anyone claiming to have Green credentials can support Independence. Surely Green issues are worldwide issues and erecting parochial little land borders is like arranging to buy some sticking plaster for that huge, gaping wound that everyone knows has probably gone past the gangrene stage. We all have to try to make things better on a global scale though so is it entirely sensible to close ourselves off from like-minded people that make up a lot of the population in England, Wales and Ireland? Should we align ourselves instead with Iceland, Greece or Cyprus? All of whom are proving that you can be too small to succeed and I’m sure they have no other option right now but to put Green issues on the back burner.
Final thoughts –
Interesting to see the Scottish Greens using a ‘stop Donald Trump‘ image on their website considering that their new BF is Alex Salmond who originally welcomed the shredded-wheat-topped-one with open arms!

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