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A Gentle, Shy Antichrist

Can anyone remember when the stereotypical Italian twin obsessions were food and music? Anyone who knows Italians of a younger vintage though will confirm it’s religion and sex. Well… maybe that’s more an Italians on The Fringe thing. And Daniele Fabbri is no exception.

Daniele is a welcome addition to the impressive roster of Italian talent which has graced the Free Fringe in recent years. As for the title – I wouldn’t say particularly shy – he’s a confident performer who was unfazed by the smallish audience (an occupational hazard due to a noon start in a venue off the usual beaten Old Town track). And if the epithet of antichrist conjures up the image of a head-spinning, vomiting demon – you’re going to be disappointed on that count too.

What we do get are tales of a disconnect with his parents, an early obsession with Michael Jackson and the forced purchase of a Papal fanzine. The separate strands being brought together in a neat conclusion.

There are only two more shows left in this very short run so you’ll have to be quick if you want to sample an early lunch of skewered and barbecued Catholic faith with no guilt offered!

(review for 4 August)






Luca Cupani: The Admin of Death and Other Confessions

Religion, sex and death – eh? Endlessly fascinating providing an endless source of comic material. Many comedians have had a go at shattering the taboos and pointing out the absurdities. The favoured style is usually aggressive – maybe it has something to do with the cathartic nature of the routine. But in the past we did have the cool mockery of Dave Allen or the manic neuroses of Woody Allen proving you didn’t have to beat the audience into acceptance.

And so it is with Luca Cupani. Actually it just struck me when watching Luca yesterday that he is a bit like Woody Allen in comic style. Initially calm but soon revealing a catalogue of anxieties and obsessions building up to a crescendo of comic satisfaction. Of course with the old masters there was a limit on how taboo-breaking you could be…

I was lucky to catch Luca last year on the Blundabus just before he ran off to be crowned winner of So You Think You’re Funny? And at the risk of sounding a bit soppy it was almost like a religious experience. Maybe it was all the talk of confessionals, his dead mum, the light streaming through the painted windows of the Blundabus making it seem quite miraculous. Suffice to say I loved it.

Anyway, back to this year. There is still a lot about religion, his dead mum (of course, of course) but it’s the sex that is the main jaw-dropping set-piece. I won’t give the game away but it does involve Amsterdam, fifty euros, an assignation with someone brilliantly described as being physically ‘a glass half full type of person’ and Luca being too polite…

Is it real? Is it doggerel? Who cares! It’s wildly funny and brilliantly performed. If you can take taboo-breaking in all its graphic glory get yourself along.

(Review for 7 Aug)


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