Lynn Ruth Miller: This is Your Future

2016LYNNRUU_AUCI hoped I wasn’t being too ambitious promising laughter, tears and life-changing moments when I was talking up the Fringe the other day. But then I go along to a show like Lynn Ruth Miller‘s This is Your Future and I know I’m fine and won’t get done by trading standards.

Lynn Ruth invites us in to the cosy setting of the Just the Tonic at the Caves asking us to sit closer as she can’t hear and see so good these days. There is a lot of material about failing faculties (she’s 82 years old) but that’s used in the main to describe the male characters in the parade of dating disasters she’s had in recent years (potential paramours being carried to her front door by carers or else trying to woo her with coupons for Subway).

There’s lovely effortless banter with the audience; brilliant insights into being the ‘perfect’ daughter/date/wife in 50s America; and even a well-pitched (in both senses) sing-a-long at the end.

She also does a well crafted routine about a cooking chore going disastrously wrong due to the ageing process. But I’m not convinced – Lynn Ruth is super sharp with precision comic timing and I think any disasters done in the domestic area are because she’s realised there are more important things to do in life.

If you’re looking for a ‘message’ I guess that’s the main one. But as in all brilliantly inspiring comedy shows you don’t need to be shouted at to get the message. You get the laughter first, followed by the warm glow with the inspiration staying with you for a long time afterwards.

Lynn Ruth – if you’re my future, I’m a happy woman!


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